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School Safety Plans

Comprehensive School Safety Plans and (COVID-19) Site-Specific Protection Plans

A (COVID-19) School Site-Specific Protection Plan (SSPP) combines state-level guidance published in the California State Resilience Road map and local Riverside County public health policies.  The State of California requires all businesses (including schools) to:
  • Perform a detailed Risk Assessment (school site walk-through and implement a school SSPP)
  • Train employees on how to limit the spread of COVID-19, including how to screen themselves for symptoms and stay home if they have them
  • Implement individual control measures and screenings
  • Implement disinfecting protocols
  • Implement physical distancing guidelines.
The following SSPPs are now part of each school's Comprehensive School Safety Plan.  As the COVID-19 public health crisis continues to evolve and new Public Health Orders are issued both at the State and local levels, amendments to individual schools' SSPPs may be needed in order to incorporate new requirements.  The SJUSD COVID-19 Point-of-Contact is Dr. Karen Kirschinger, Director of Student, Community and Personnel Support, who will post and disseminate updated information and tools for schools to use in developing any needed amendments.