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Physical Education


Edward Hyatt World Language Academy

Physical Education

Course Syllabus 2022-2023



Mr. Eric Nunez

Class Location:

Room 29

Office Phone:

(951) 654-9391 ext. 3129

Office Email:

[email protected]


Mission Statement

The mission of Edward Hyatt World Language Academy is to empower multi-linguistic and multicultural leaders.


Vision Statement

Edward Hyatt World Language Academy distinguishes itself by promoting and empowering leaders of tomorrow. Our success will come from multi-linguistic and multicultural competencies that develop from rigorous academics. Our students will become visionary and global citizens that embrace diversity and exemplify respect.


Classroom Format

  • Introduction/ Review
  • Academic Objectives/ Modeling
  • Group Activity/ Guided Practice
  • Learning Task/ Independent Practice
  • Assessment/ Closure


Classroom Expectations

  • Students will be ready to learn by wearing appropriate clothing and footwear for exercise.
  • Students will listen and follow instructions.
  • Students will be respectful of others.
  • Students will try new things and do their best.
  • Students will believe in themselves.
  • Students will work hard and have fun!


Classroom Grading 


Grading will be based on the four main categories: movement (70%), sportsmanship (10%), teamwork (10%) and behavior/safety (10%).



Exemplary (4)

Proficient (3)

Developing (2)

Beginning (1)


Always participating in movement

Participates in movement most of the time

Sometimes participates in movement

Rarely participates in movement


Always demonstrates respect for others

Demonstrates respect for others most of the time           

Sometimes demonstrates respect for others

Rarely demonstrates respect for others


Always works well in groups      

Works with others most of the time            

Sometimes works with others

Rarely works with others

Behavior/ Safety

Always has insight and concern         

Safety in mind most of the time           

Sometimes has concern for safety           

Hazardous to self and others


Google Classroom Code(s)


Period 2: ksrs3fb

Period 3: 3op6dwx

Period 4: jntdzjf

Period 5: ye653js