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Phoenix Families R.I.S.E.

Phoenix Families R.I.S.E. Goals...
#1. To build solid bridges of communication between the different community cultures
#2.  Parents will clearly understand how the Dual Immersion Program works in order to support and commit to the program
#3. To increase the percentage of parent involvement for student academic achievement
Phoenix Families R.I.S.E. Plan...
#1. Our plan is to have clear goals to build a Family-Friendly welcoming school by nurturing a healthy home-school partnership based on a two-way communication
#2. Our plan will empower families to support their students to reach their academic goals included in the School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA)  click here to view
#3. Our plan is fully aligned with the Parent Involvement Plan  Click here to view
Family Engagement is...
  • Family Engagement is the shared responsibility of family members, schools, and communities
  • Family Engagement is a two-way process
  • Relational trust, mutual respect, and cultural responsiveness are pillars of systemic family engagement
22/23 School Workshops: September 21/ November 30/ January 24/ March 29/ May 16  Time: 5:30 pm
Phoenix Bylaws -- 
Team is composed of: 6 Active Family members, 3 Teachers, 1 Parent Coordinator, 2 Administrators
Previous Meeting Minutes:  Click here to view team minutes