Ms. Bolanos

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Hello Students and Families!
Welcome to our 2020-2021 school year. My hope is that this
message finds you and your families in good health.
In response to to COVID-19 safety measures, we welcome you to
distance learning. While we acknowledge that this school year
looks different than most, we know we will work together to
continue learning. School counselors and educational therapists
in our district continue to provide site specific combined
Counseling Google Classrooms for our students and families
with lessons, activities and resources.
We encourage all students to visit our google classrooms and
find helpful resources. We have also included family resources
here for immediate access.
Wishing you all safety and health!
Ms. Bolanos
If you should need to contact me,
Google Voice Number: (951) 305-0940
My distance learning office hours are: Monday-Friday 8:10am-3:30pm