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Edward Hyatt Elementary

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The Mission of Edward Hyatt Elementary School

The San Jacinto Unified School District will be dedicated to excellence—providing an education that discovers, nurtures, and fulfills every child’s unique talents and needs.

Our district will radiate the personal touch and kinship of our small town, while rapid growth brings new opportunities and challenges. It will be a welcoming place, where support for each other is visible and tangible.  We will value diversity and promote a sense of community among all of our stakeholders and partners.  We will unite behind one goal to speak with a powerful voice and advocate for those we serve. 

The whole child will be enriched by our varied programs of rigorous academics, arts, vocational training, health and physical education.  Real world projects will engage students in roles such as mathematicians, scientists, writers, historians and economists.  They will be challenged to apply, at the highest levels, the concepts, theories and skills they are learning in the classroom.  State of the art technology will allow students to conduct research, analyze data, advance their skills and deepen their understanding.
Learning and character development will be extended through curricular and extra curricular activities to help produce competent, resourceful, and resilient students.  Athletic programs will strengthen teamwork, skills, and sportsmanship.  Fine arts and vocational programs will show student competency through professional-caliber exhibits, performances, and demonstrations that are widely acclaimed.

Academic success will be inspired by a knowledgeable, caring staff who develop supportive relationships to benefit all students.  All staff members will model the following attributes:  commitment to personal and professional development, accountability, collaboration, innovation, and adaptability to change.
Parents, colleges and businesses will partner with our schools to offer students rich possibilities and alternatives, as they prepare for higher education and careers. 
Partnerships with other governmental agencies and service organizations will help students to understand and practice their future roles as contributing citizens of a larger community.

Allocating sufficient resources (time, money, facilities, and people) to achieve the mission, vision and strategic initiatives will be a high priority.

Our graduates will be ready for successful entry into higher education and careers.  They will have the courage and compassion to embrace personal and professional roles as leaders in a complex society.